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What is your pricing? We have several different packages that vary based the space(s) rented. It can also vary based on if the event is on weekday/weekend and morning/evening. Our smallest wedding package starts at *$2200. Our largest package can go up to *$11,000+. Contact us today for an accurate quote. *Prices are subject to change without notice

Do you offer any discounts? We have multiple discounts that are offered year round. Military discounts can be added to any contract for service men and women and veterans. We also offer a discount to any of our tours that book on the spot when they come to see the venue. There are other discounts that become available at our Annual Showcase, special promotions or other events. Contact us for further details!

What is included in your packages? All of our rentals include one or multiple spaces at our venue. They come with atleast a 5 hour rental (set up, the event, and clean up time). They each come with a certain number of tables and chairs depending on the package/area rented. Linens are included and centerpieces. Contact us for more info on a package best suited for your event!

Can you rent a space by the hour? All rentals have a minimum of 5 hours rented time. We do not currently offer any space to be rented by the hour. You can purchase additional hours on top of what is included in your package either before your event day or extend on the day of for an additional fee. *Prices are subject to change without notice

How late can we schedule an event? We do not have a hard cut off for rental times. There is a noise ordinance for the city of Midvale that starts at 10 pm. At that time any music or dancing must stop or be brought inside with doors shut. You can continue your event in accordance with your contract. Rentals past midnight have a higher cost per hour than those that end before midnight.

What is your catering policy? We do not provide catering in house. However, we do have a list of perferred caterers you can choose from. Depending on your package you can be permitted to have an outside caterer or do food on your own. Use of our kitchen is for PREP ONLY. Limited use is provided for water, refrigeration, ice when available and the plating of food. You will be responsible for leaving the building and kitchen clean. Additional charges will occur if the kitchen is not left per cleaning agreement.

Do you allow alcohol? Yes, we do allow alcohol. The cost to have alcohol permitted during your event is *$300 for 3 hours of service. That amount does not included the bartender (required) or the cost of the alcohol itself. You can add more hours to your service for $100/per hour with a max of 6 hours total. Bar services must end one hour prior to the end of your rental or midnight at the latest. *Prices subject to change without notice

What is your capacity? The standard from the fire department if you have a flowing event at our venue is over 600. Our largest room, the Garden Level Meeting room, can fit 112 comfortably at seated rounds or long tables. You can get cozier and fit at max 140 if necessary. If you have seated tables in all three of our areas our max capacity is about 300. For Wedding Ceremonies we have up to 130 chairs in two different colors. Our larger spaces (Outside garden and Garden Level Meeting Room) can accommodate more for a ceremony if you are willing to alternate chair colors.

Are you pet friendly? Yes, there are occassions that you want to spend with your furry friends and we are happy to accommodate. There is a pet permit fee that can be added to any contract. Any pets must be leashed while on our property. If they are brought inside, any clawed paws must be booted to prevent scatching of our hardwood floors. You are also required to clean up any defecation or mess to avoid an additional cleaning fee.

Do you allow other large animals? Yes, we do. Large animals have an additional charge and can be added to any contract. This includes but is not limited to horses, llamas, alpacas, cattle, etc.

Do you have any restrictions on decor? We do not allow any open flames in the building or our garden. All candles must be battery opperated. We do not allow any glitter, confetti, or other such items that would cause additional clean up by our staff. We also do not allow anything adhered to the walls. Any personal decor items used to decorate must be able to be attached and removed without damage to the building, garden area, our provided decor, centerpieces, backdrops, etc. If damage occurs during your event the security deposit will be charged or the actual cost of the repair (whichever is larger). Further restrictions can be found in your contract.

Do you have a kids room or provide daycare services? No, we do not have a separate room designated for children and we do not provide childcare services. All children under the age of 12 need supervision by an adult at all times. This is out of concern for the safety of children, other guests in attendance, and respect to the venue. If children are unsupervised or out of control, the party will be asked to leave.

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